Instructions on how to play TOW maps

Download the .pdf file to learn how to play the Berlin map.

Download the .pdf file to learn how to play the Druckkammen map.

Download the .pdf file to learn how to play the Flughafen map.

Thanks to -=*BuR*=-Pestilence!


-=*BuR*=- Server Connection Plugin

Download this plugin to enable an ingame menu to connect to our servers

-=*BuR*=- Server Plugin

To use, click on Connect to -=*BuR*=- to expand the server list.


Where to install mods

Copy the downloaded mod to the following directory.  There are different directories depending on if you are playing using Spearhead or Breakthrough.


C:\Program Files\EA Games\MOHAA\MainTA


C:\Program Files\EA Games\MOHAA\MainTT

MasterServer Game Patch

Due to GameSPY shutting down its Medal of Honor MasterServers, the in game browser will no longer function.  Fortunately, Qtracker and X-Null are offering MasterServer services.  The following patches will do the following:

  1. Locate a valid copy of MOHAA
  2. Check if a patch is needed
  3. If needed – it will backup the existing mohaa.exe, moh_spearhead.exe and moh_breakthrough.exe to MOHAA/patch_backup/
  4. Patched version of the game executatbles will be installed.
  5. A log file will also be created in MOHAA/patch_backup/Medal of Honor MasterServer Patch Log.txt.

Open Beta 1.5 File

Please download and upzip the files.  If possible, place them in the \EA GAMES\MOHAA\ directory

There are two files.  One will patch your game files to use QTracker, the other to X-Null.  You can use either.  Only one will be active at a time.  I recommend using the QTracker patch.

How to run patch:

  1. Double click on the patch
  2. click OK to start search for your game.  Make sure that your game is not running.

  3. Follow the onscreen directions.  If the expected files are not located in the normal places, you may be asked to browse for your game files.   This is looking for the MOHAA directory where mohaa.exe is located.
  4. If the patch is successful, that’s it, you are done.  Start and play the game as normal.
  5. If the patch is unsuccessful, please contact with your log file (if any) and details of your install problem.

Manually Copy Files

Instructions and Links Pending