Member Conduct

-=*BuR*=- Clan Code of Conduct



1. We fight with honor at all times and treat others with respect. Always set a good example for guests to the server and always treat your teammates with the utmost respect.

2. Language. KEEP IT CLEAN. Taunting is also unacceptable.

3. If another player engages in dishonorable behavior, do not respond. Admin at the time will make the choice to kick. If an admin is not available, make a note and send an email  and/or post it on the BuR-Clan web site chat-box.

4. Once a member of BUR, wear your tags at all times.


5. Cheating is not tolerated. Be sure any mods you want to use are approved by an admin before you install them.

6. If you suspect someone of cheating in game, whether or not they are a member of BUR, notify an admin online or through email. Do not confront the player in game.


7. Make sure teams are even.

8. If it is possible, try to play on the same side as other members. But keep the teams balanced first.

9. Unsportsmanlike-conduct will not be tolerated. It is grounds for immediate removal from the clan. If you are having an issue with another player, let an on-line admin know. If one is not available, defer to the ranking online member. It will be their decision how best to handle it as a team.

10. Being a member of BUR is a privilege, the benefits of which are not to be extended to non-members. Privileges are not extended to members that are not wearing their tags.


11. You will provide the Clan Secretary with your current contact information as it changes. It is for internal use only and will never be given to anyone outside the squad.

12. Communication is vital to our success. All members will need E-mail as well as TeamSpeak. You will be expected to check- in using your e-mail you provide the Clan Secretary.

13. BuR member’s e-mail addresses will NEVER be given out. NO chain letters or junk mail will be sent to members. When sending e-mails to other clan members, please include BUR clan in the subject line.


14. The clean language rule applies in TeamSpeak too.

15. While in TeamSpeak, do not accuse anyone of cheating. Breach of any of the above can result in reprimands, up to and including immediate and permanent removal from the clan, including permanent Bans.

Admin Conduct

-=*BuR*=- Code of Conduct – Admins



1. The role of BuR Admins is to administer and enforce the “code of conduct” to members and non members.

2. Give Recommendations on New Recruits, Promotions, Demotions and Member Player Bans

3. Work with Other Admins to promote positive game play


4. We fight with honor at all times and treat others with respect. Always set a good example for all players and be seen as being both tough and understanding.

5. Always apply consistent rules of engagement when communicating with players and/or applying game enforcement. Do not escalate situations that will bring dishonor to the reputation of the Clan.


6. As an Admin, you must be reachable via TeamSpeak.

7. Remind players through RCON messages about their conduct while playing on BuR Servers

8. Apply appropriate penalties, always ask yourself, is the penalty reasonable when compared to previous situations.

9. Rules for applying penalties, RCON Message to player, followed by screen shot/kick pop-up. If the player continues to disobey the rules, apply the following degrees of punishment in the following order: Avatar changes, Player kicks, 24 hour bans and permanent bans.


10. Use Avatar warnings/punishment for not obeying RCON warnings, door blocking, clipping, bad game play, AFK’s, for example:

{list various avatar punishments)

11. Use Player kicks when the player continues to disobey Clan Server Rules

12. Use 24 hour bans after a player kick and the player continues to disobey Clan Server Rules.

13. Permanent Bans should only be given out to repeat offenders and suspected hackers who have not followed the screenshot process.