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The BuR servers are back Online.
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Welcome to the BuR Clan

INSTRUCTIONS on how to play TOW map

We have created a .pdf file to explain how to play the BERLIN TOW map, the DRUCKKAMMEN TOW map and the FLUGHAFEN TOW map. Go to the “HOME >> Downloads” page to download the .pdf file

After that every player will all know how to complete all the objectives. Have fun.

New site, new registration

Because we re-did the website and to clear out obsolete members, we are asking everyone to re-register with the website.

If you were listed as a member previously, then you should have received an invitation email to join this new version of the website.

If you received no email and still would like to be a member, then email the following information to

  • game name
  • real name
  • at least one clan member you’ve played with recently.

Within a day or so you’ll receive an invitation code and will be able to register.

For more information go to

Spearhead crashes after win updates or with Win 10

Games crash for a lot of reasons. See, for example, the partial list at:

You may be affected by the recent Windows Security Update that disabled the old and insecure SafeDisc copy protection driver that MOHAA uses. See, for example:

There are instructions for re-enabling the driver at:

but it may be best to use a no-cd patch like those at: (Copy and paste unsecured link)

and other sites. (Note: Only use a version of the patch that corresponds to the version of the game that you are using. You can find this by typing ‘cvarlist *version’ in your console, and reading the output. If necessary, apply the stock patches that can be found at the above website and elsewhere before applying the no-cd patch. Some no-cd patches will place modified binary executables in the old default game location,

C:\Program Files\EA Games\MOHAA

If you are using a non-default location, you may have to move the modified binary executables to that location, or, if you are using a newer 64-bit version of Windows, to:

C:\Program Files (x86)\EA Games\MOHAA

Always use a reliable and up-to-date virus scanner on any patches _before_ using them, and be careful to comply with all legal requirements in your area.

GameSpy MasterBrowser Shutdown

As of July 26th, GameSpy has shutdown the service that provided the list of active servers and players.

Go to our Connect and Play page here to find out how to connect to Jesse and Girls servers.

So without a patch, when you click here:

You will now see this:

Screen Shot Guide:

The Screen Shot Guide has been moved to the -=*BuR*=- Guides pulldown.


Medal of Honor is now a very old computer game, but what keeps it going is YOU! Without your support our game servers would have to shut down.  All we ask is that you give what you can.  Even $5 helps.

Thank you for donating to the BuR Clan Server.  Our monthly financial goal is $215.  You can change the amount in the Donation Amount Box.

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